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Short-term Memory Care

We know that Alzheimer's and age-related memory impairments can be overwhelming for seniors.

But what we don't often talk about is how overwhelming it can be to care for a loved one experiencing dementia. Caregivers can suffer from isolation, depression and even deteriorating health, and sometimes it can feel like there is no one to help.

Short-term or Respite Memory Care is designed around caring for you and your loved one. We specialize in caring for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia in a warm and nurturing environment. We also specialize in helping caregivers stay connected to support systems and in helping caregivers care for themselves.

Our Varietas® Memory Care Program is here for your loved one:

  • Scheduled extended stays
  • Focuses on positive stimulation through arts, exercise and cognitive activities
  • Comforts and connects seniors with others
  • Offers nutritious and delicious meals and snacks
  • Provides a safe place to rest and relax
  • Uses a nationally recognized, personalized therapy proven to promote engagement and reduce agitation, depression, falls and medication use
  • Makes them feel welcome

Short-term Memory Care is here for you:

  • On a regular basis or scheduled extended stays while you travel, are ill or need extra help
  • To ease into and to determine if this is a long-term option should you or your loved one need it
  • To help you focus on maintaining your good health and resilience
  • Through a group of trained professionals who empathize, listen and support you

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