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Awesome in every way. The director CJ and his second in command Emily are the best. Staff is great as well. Kendra, Tavon, Elsie. And the lady that laughed a lot were great servers. The nurses Beth, April, and Karen are off the charts good. They all saved my life. I rehabbed my life. Great facility with a true caring touch from top to bottom. Look no further, you or your loved one will love it. Thanks Traditions!! I I also want to thank Rachel for being the glue of the place. You guys are the best.! Luv
5 Star Review — Bob (Google Reviews)
My daughters and I would like to thank my neighbors and the family at Traditions at Reagan Park for the love and support given to me on the death of my husband and their father.
— Mary S.
Emily was wonderful!
5 Star Review — Jenny G. (Caring.com)
This place is wonderful! I worked there for four months before I had to leave due to medical issues. Shai, Angela, Indie, and Jennifer all made sure I was okay, and always worked around my medical appointments. I would 100% come back to work there anytime! The way they care, love, and treat not only their employees, but their residents, is remarkable!! Love, love, love this facility!
— Raeann G. (Google Reviews)
I would recommend Traditions at Reagan Park. I also recommend a long conversation with the admissions staff on needs of your loved one and your expectations of care. Some of the activities include bingo, movie nights, cards, happy hour, church services, arts and crafts and more for the residents to choose from. The food is good and it is nice. There is a table that has the meal set up to show the residents what is being served. If the resident doesn't like the meal, they can choose another option or breakfast is served all day.
— Justin (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I've been very happy. The only real problem has been keeping staff, and I think that's a problem all around. They're dealing with it quite well so far. And the staff that are here are excellent. I'm very happy with my garden home and have had no problems.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Dear Staff of Traditions,

My 90 year old mother, Ellen has lived at Traditions at Reagan Park since November 2014. The first person that I met while applying for an apartment was Emily. Emily was extremely informative, very friendly, efficient, and has always responded quickly to our inquiries, phone calls, and emails. Emily understands the needs of senior citizens and elder-care, is very patient and accommodating, and she also understands the concerns of family members. She has been very helpful as my mother goes through the stages of dementia and has helped to provide some accommodations.

At the door and when I call, I encounter the receptionists including Sophia, Betty, Alice, and Jennifer. Not only are they friendly, but they go the extra mile to find Mom‘s nurse, to answer questions, and to pass on messages to nurses in regard to my mother and her care. They are also very friendly and patient with my mother who is sometimes less than nice to them.

During the pandemic closure, while visiting with my mother outside, I had the opportunity to get to know activity director April a bit better. Again she was friendly and accommodating during a very tough and stressful time. I have not had much opportunity to get to know activity directors as Mom declines to participate in activities, but I have witnessed the full calendar of activities posted and distributed to residents. I’ve also witnessed activities taking place and much joy on the faces of participating residents. While trying to get my mother to participate in activities, an activity director came to her apartment and went through the monthly calendar to help her pick out activities that matched my Mom‘s declining interests. This was done with much patience and interest in my mother. During the pandemic closure, activity directors brought the activities to the hallway and doorways of residents. My mother often shared the excitement of these activities!

One of the first nurses that we encountered and grew to love was Robert. He has since left Traditions, but I have found all of the nurses to be gentle, caring, responsive, giving of their time to address any and all needs, professional, and loving to my mother. Currently Nurse Indi is a huge blessing to my mother’s care. She gives much time to my mother, more than she has to, is always extremely patient regardless of my mother’s mood or demeanor, goes above and beyond to address my mother’s needs and to repeatedly answer the same questions. Nurse Indi also takes my phone calls, returns calls to me, and calls to inform me of any information I need to know. She gives much of herself to her work and to her residents. I have encountered many other nurses, QNAs, CNAs. etc. ( Shai, Becky, Shyanna, Trisha, Shannon, Vanita, Patricia, and many I do not recall by name) and I don’t remember one occasion where I felt they did not provide quality care and more importantly, loving patience for my mother. The medical care staff not only provide medicine and medical care, but they also provide for many needs such as finding the TV remote control to the TV, finding my mother’s hearing aid that she has stacked newspapers upon or lost while sleeping, putting on mother’s knee high hose, being a companion and communicating with mom about her newest sewing project, and sometimes praying with mom.

There are days when I have a question and I’m not quite sure who to call so I send an email or call the director. Angela is quick to respond to my inquiries, even on her days off or after hours. She follows up and returns phone calls or emails until my inquiry is brought to completion. She also takes time to visit with my mom in her apartment and to address any concerns or complaints from my mother.

As my mother’s mind has declined due to dementia, so has her desire to socialize and to eat meals. The pandemic also contributed to a decline in socialization with groups of people. Mom often gives many compliments to the chef and dining room staff. She makes friends with them and wants to make aprons for them or give them gifts. She often wants to share recipes for them to fix. Whether being served in the dining room or receiving food service in her apartment, staff have always been very kind, patient, and try to meet my mother’s sometimes interesting and complicated requests.

I often tell people about Traditions at Reagan Park assisted-living, about our wonderful experience, and about what a beautiful, clean facility it is for my mother to live in these last years of her life. While the facility is beautiful, what takes place on the inside gives me comfort in knowing that my Mom is well cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I feel very blessed that seven years ago I was able to get my mother into such a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment!

Thank you for your dedication and care for my mother!"
— Bonnie C.
I visited this facility. We have a deposit on Traditions at Reagan Park. My mother-in-law has not moved in yet, but we're probably 99% sure going to go with this facility. It is the cleanest in the area. They are allowing me to continue to medically manage my mother-in-law's care. They offer an array of outings in the community that they take the residents to. They have transportation and their food looks appealing. The rooms are decent sized compared to other facilities in the area. People are friendly. It's nice that for this month, they've offered a discount for a move-in rate trying to get new residents in coming off of a struggle with COVID, so that's a positive that they've cut their prices for a short time to get more residents involved. So far, the staff has been very informative and answers questions. The biggest thing is that they're allowing me to continue caring for her. The value for money is comparable to other areas around, but it's newer, cleaner, fresher, more renovated, bigger space, wider hallways, bigger elevator, and so because of that, the value is greater. They have great communication. The director is quick to email back and answers questions.
— Jamie (Caring.com)
5 Star Review — Ashley
My dear friend spent her final weeks here when she was on hospice. I have been impressed above and beyond with her quality of care. The nurses went above and beyond to keep her comfortable and advocate for her care. Special shout out to Indie who went well above and beyond to advocate for my friend's needs in every way. My friend always felt before like people talked down to her, but she loved the staff here and was so responsive with them, even when it was hard for her. On her last day, they even brought us tables and extra chairs so we could all eat together in her room and be by her side all day. If I had a loved one who could spend hospice there, I would absolutely be happy and satisfied to use this facility. Thanks to everyone who helped take care of my dear friend as well as helping us and her family through this final journey of life. I'm so blessed to have spent so much time there the past two weeks with  my dear friend and her family. Your kindness, compassion and generosity will never be forgotten.
— Andrea B.
We chose Traditions because they had a stand alone villa available, they got a 2 bedroom 2 bath and it is pretty big. Before covid, they were able to do bus trips to different places and they also provide transportation which is really great. The meals here are chef prepared and really good, I actually met the chef the other day and he is very nice. I would recommend to others looking.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I visited this facility. Overall, Traditions at Reagan Park is ten out of ten. It was a good experience. It was a nice, clean place, and the home that we looked at was nice, too. The only thing that we have issues with is the pricing. They have one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, they have full kitchens, and it also comes with a laundry facility, internet, and utilities. The person who accompanied us was friendly and helpful, and she gave us a lot of information that we weren't aware of in dealing with assisted living for seniors. Right now, because of COVID, they're not serving meals and the only people that are allowed in the actual facility are those who are part of the community.
— Marcus
Emily is an excellent ambassador for Traditions. She has checked on us during this transitional process and gone out of her way to show concern.
— Jenny G.
Your work to impede the infiltration of the virus is admirable! We who are delivered daily meals appreciate this gesture and look forward to that Thanksgiving just-like-home meal! We don't interact with staff that much now, but when we do they are always smiling and pleasant! A huge thank you for all you do and may God bless all your undertakings with continued success! : )
— Nancy H.
I am just finishing up my two months of residency, and I couldn't be more pleased. Both the nursing staff and management staff are outstanding. You can't ask for more than that.
— Normajean R.
We couldn't be happier with the care that our mom has gotten at Traditions. This has been a trying year and the staff has been professional and kind throughout. Not only have they done the basics, but they have gone above and beyond to watch out for her and keep her spirits up! We are thankful.
— Carol S.
I wanted to let you know what a great experience my client had as she considered senior living options on the west side of Indy. She looked at a couple of other assisted living communities and one in particular was of interest to her and offered a significantly lower monthly rate, but she ultimately decided to move to Traditions at Reagan Park yesterday. I attribute this in large part to the quality of interactions with Emily and follow through on inquiries--Emily made what I know to be a great community shine during her virtual tour, and really listened to what was important, which made all the difference in the final decision-making process.

I know you know this, but you have a great team and I am delighted to be working with you all.
— Lisa K. (Assisted Living Locators)
You guys always do the neatest things with your residents! Great job ensuring they get to enjoy all the social parts of life.
— Catherine H.
Lovely facility! Emily did a wonderful job explaining everything on our tour! Every person smiled and greeted my parents and I. Very warm atmosphere!! Other residents greeted us and told us how much they loved it there!
— Tammy J.
Great place to work! Awesome environment with great residents. You can really tell that everyone cares about the residents and the job they do.
5 Star Review — Andrew A.
The staff went out of their way to be extra helpful and friendly. We had to make a quick decision because of a time constraint and we have been very happy with our decision. I would highly recommend Traditions at Reagan Park.
— Suzie H.
Traditions is a great place to work! The staff is dedicated & caring. There are tons of activities put together for the residents, great meals, & efficient care. It's a great choice for your loved ones to reside here! Highly recommend.
— Sophia E.
5 Star Review — April S.
Beautiful Facility!!! Friendly Staff...very clean. Exciting variety of activities for all the residents to enjoy!
— Ella G.
Beautiful building with wonderful and caring staff.
— Jason H.
Although I've only been here for 6 weeks, I feel like I have known this group much longer--I love them all! They remembered my name right away, made me feel welcome, are attentive to my sometimes quirky requests, always have a smile, want to know how I'm doing--they are super! They not only excel in their jobs in the dining room, but they also excel in being kind, considerate, thoughtful human beings! Thank you to all!
— Fran
I'd like to say how wonderful Traditions was to my mother. She lived there about 1 1/2 years and always enjoyed herself. They have many activities for the residents and encourage them to take part. I'd like to give a special thanks to Stacey, Emily, CJ, Robert, and Debbie. I'm sure there are many more to thank, but these folks made things better for me. Keep up your great work!
— Brian A. (Google Reviews)
My thoughts of this community are beyond words and our expectations. My husband and I are together in an apartment here. He receives assisted living and I am independent. We are treated with respect and dignity and very happy here. My husband stated 'He loves it here, it's just like heaven.' We are happy and feel close to this community and concerned about one another.
— Avon, IN Resident
I have spent a lot of time at this beautiful community and I must say, the new Executive Director and, in fact, the entire staff are so warm, caring and competent that I cannot imagine my Mom living anywhere else! Kudos Reagan Park!
— Sharon R. (Google Reviews)
My father has recently moved into this community, and so far, everything is going well for him. The staff are very accommodating to his needs and make sure to keep in good communication with the family and with me about his care. They have a very nicely maintained property and everything is always clean. I am very impressed with this facility and everything they have done for my loved one.
— Avon, IN Family (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Traditions at Reagan Park was very good. I would consider the facility to be state-of-the-art and it is very nice. The grounds are quite large and there are walking trails. The facility has many different levels of living.
— Lynn (Caring.com)
We chose Traditions for my mother because it is nearer to where we live than where she was previously. Traditions provides a whole spectrum of care options, but my mother had been diagnosed with dementia previously and had been in memory care for almost a year when we moved her there. We are very happy with our decision. The facility is very neat, clean and bright. They take care to make sure the residents are well taken care of and try to make the unit seem less like a facility and more like home. Residents have options as to the activities they like and are encouraged to participate. We feel very comfortable with the decision we made to move my mother and feel she is well cared for and happy at Traditions.
— MCubed (Caring.com)
My mom received excellent care at Traditions and it was given with love. The caregivers and staff are kind and patient with the residents and the facility itself is homey and welcoming.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
Traditions at Reagan Park is a very inviting community. From the dietary staff up to the executive director, I have been met with an openness that I can see resonate with their residents. Whether during community events or any other time I've stopped in, it has been easy to see the family atmosphere that makes this home. When needed, their healthcare partners work seamlessly coordinating care to help residents age in place and stay in their home.
— Ryan W.
A brand new area that was beautiful and very nice. The accommodation was very nice. The rooms were very nice. The people that I saw there looked very nice and they seemed to be in a comfortable location.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
The staff at this community are kind and attentive. They check on my friend often and they keep me informed of how she is doing. She likes the food and they offer a lot of activities. The community is clean and well maintained. I would recommend the assisted living section of this community.
— Avon, IN Family (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I visited Traditions at Reagan Park for my mother. It appeared clean. What impressed me probably was the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of it and their activities.
— K. M. (Caring.com)
Very caring personnel at Traditions--the leasing director, the receptionists, chef and food servers, nurses and doctor, LPNs, activity director, maintenance--everyone works together to ensure my parents are receiving excellent care. The social life and activities are outstanding. My parents are able to enjoy the other residents and activities so much more than when they were living at home. I have a hard time getting a hold of them because they are so active and barely in their apartment. Small enough facility that they could handle some special circumstances that my parents needed some additional help with.
— Daughter of Parents (Caring.com)
Traditions at Reagan Park is a wonderful community. The staff is professional, but also loving and kind. I felt that my mother was safe there and she was treated with compassion.
— Christina R.
Best westside option for senior living! Very warm feeling upon arrival to the community. Staff were kind and attentive.
— Avon, IN Visitor
I really wanted to put him in Traditions. This is where I had my sights set, but after he broke his hip, he was down for too long for them to take him. He was in too bad of shape, so I had to go from an assisted living type situation to skilled nursing, and I had to do it quickly. When he broke the hip, it was just downhill quick. Traditions was very pleasing, decorative-wise, the menu was looking good, and everything was just really good. The staff people were all just fine. They all went out of their way. I even showed up unannounced to have a tour and they stopped everything and took me all around.
— LS1 (Caring.com)
It's home away from home. All people are friendly and helpful. Conveniences available to those limited to travel. Lovely overall facility. Freedom to decorate as you like. Clean, healthy environment. Very quiet and restful.
— Charlotte Ann P.
I found a good community. The experience has been going well for my mom. So far the staff are good and they made some changes for the better. The grounds and public areas are clean and her room is clean. They make great meals for the residents.
— Avon, IN Family (Caring.com)
Everything is all in under one roof. It's going to have everything. I did speak to the people and they were very nice and very courteous. They are supposed to have a top chef and serve three meals a day. They also have a dietitian who works with you if you're diabetic. It's big, spacious and has a movie house, too. It's got everything, which is very important. Very sharp, beautiful and nice.
— Garnet3 (Caring.com)
A private room was a must for us and Traditions memory care delivered. The staff has been very friendly and helpful. It is comforting to know there is someone 24/7 to watch over my mom. The staff often takes the residents outside to the courtyard after lunch. Mom enjoys the bus rides. She can eat meals from the memory care dining menu or she can ask for items from the assisted living menu. It is nice to know there is a doctor who visits once a week. He is friendly and caring. We are happy we made the choice to move mom into Traditions at Reagan.
— Avon, IN Family
I have my grandmother living there and everyone is very friendly, caring and helpful. I recommend Traditions.
— Mike P. (Google Reviews)
As a physician involved in the care of the elderly, some of whom have chronic, debilitating illnesses, I periodically explore the quality of facilities geared toward providing assistance and varying levels of care to individuals in need of supportive services. I have found Traditions at Reagan Park to represent an environment of cleanliness, safety and security for a wide spectrum of residents, from those who are totally independent, to others who require strong support and aid. I am very familiar with the excellent track record of the Executive Director of Traditions at Reagan Park as an administrator and hands-on manager, and have great confidence in her ability to lead this facility to even higher levels of excellence. I would recommend Traditions at Reagan Park without reservation.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
What a warm and welcoming place. Very caring and attentive staff. Lots of great activities for residents with a lovely dining experience.
— Andrew A. (Google Reviews)
Traditions at Reagan Park was clean and our visit experience was good. The rooms were nice, a little bit bigger than some of the other places, and they had nice furniture. It was a small community, but the residents were happy. They called us promptly when there was an opening. The food service also looked like the food would be good.
— Julie (SeniorHomes.com)
Warm community, great staff, fortunate to have such a great option on the west side.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We toured the Traditions at Reagan Park and it was a very nice and clean community. The manager was very nice. We liked the fact that the residents could go down at any time and get food.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
The staff have gone out of their way to encourage mom to participate in some of the activities and amenities they offer. The staff and the other residents know her by name. The food is good and they are open to listening to family. The community is clean and the grounds are well maintained. They offer laundry and cleaning services. I felt comfortable when we first walked in and I would recommend this community.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I find Reagan Park to be exceptional. The people who work there are compassionate and loving staff. I would highly recommend this community!
— Jenna A. (Google Reviews)
I have to say, mom is doing very well here. We have not experienced any problems or issues. They are providing the care that mom needs. It is a locked [memory care] facility and the only way for anyone to leave is to see a staff member and they have to enter a code to get out the door, which eases my mind that mom can't get out and wander. The staff is right on top of everything, in fact, they are always calling me giving me updates on mom and her care. The location is perfect for me to visit her. The price for my mother's care is well within my budget range, in fact, it is below what I was paying at a different location, which is amazing and not sacrificing mom's care level needs.
— Avon, IN Family (SeniorAdvisor.com)