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Growing for the Right Reasons

As this blog comes together, our list of Traditions Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care communities continues to grow throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania, with four more in various stages of construction.

Traditions is Growing with Purpose

And yet, what we want people to know most of all is that we’re growing with purpose.

In an age of big mergers and acquisitions, we are growing slowly, intentionally and in response to what we hear from seniors and their families.

We hear that people love a beautiful building that’s bright and clean and filled with the comforts of home. Yet, it’s what happens inside these buildings that means the most. People want expert, compassionate care when they need it, a variety of activities, great food and company. And they want it all from people who feel like trusted friends and family.

That’s why we believe it’s so important to remind seniors, families and friends that we are locally owned and operated. The professionals who care, cook and clean for residents are members of the local community and people who show up each day because this is where they love to be.

And while each professional has a job description and necessary tasks, small but important things will always take precedence. When a resident needs a friend, a hug or someone who’s there to laugh or listen, this is when we’re at our best. We encourage independence—nothing feels quite as good—but support is always at hand, offered with dignity, respect and personal attention. These are the things that turn a building into a comfortable and loving home.

The people who come to work daily in Traditions communities overwhelmingly see their role as less a job and more of a calling to serve. This is on display every day in our communities, not just in a brochure or on a building tour. This is what we do and we do it with genuine care and compassion.

So this is how we’re growing. With the most important people in mind.

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