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Our People

Our days are filled with important duties and routines. Yet human connection takes precedence over the necessities of our job descriptions every time. You are why we're here.

We bring varied backgrounds and skills to our roles, but we are all here to love and support you.

Emily Goforth

Community Relations Director: Emily Goforth

Emily holds a BA in Psychology from Franklin College, has experience working with adults and children with special needs and as a Social Worker in a skilled nursing community.

Emily believes that each resident who has moved to Reagan Park over the years has a story and she can recall so many. "I have so many touching moments with my residents and their families, but one that stands out is a gentleman who was looking for Memory Care options for his wife since he was her caregiver at home. After many visits and conversations, he made the decision to move to Reagan Park with his wife. We worked through all of the emotions and decisions that come with that kind of transition and he was very happy he could stay with his wife in a wonderful place. We truly open our hearts to everyone who comes through our doors." Emily was recently married (her husband is a hospice nurse) and is proud to have two stepchildren, Ava and Carter.

Angela Wasnidge

Memory Care Director: Angela Wasnidge

Angela holds her Associate of Applied Science in Nursing from MedTech college, is a certified Alzheimer's and Dementia practitioner, licensed in Qualified Medication Administration and is certified in the management of chronic wounds. She began her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, served as an LPN Charge Nurse and has had more than 27 years experience in healthcare.

"I began working with Reagan Park when I visited with their attending Medical Director. I absolutely loved the community and staff. That's when I learned about their Memory Care BBET programs, which were a big reason why I chose to come on board full-time when my employer retired. Resident care never comes from one person or one specialty, it comes from all of us working together with purpose." Angela married her childhood sweetheart and together they have raised eight children.