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Our staff of professionals is trained in everything from the latest medical care and therapies to healthy and delicious meal preparation. Yet we make room for compassionate connection with residents to take precedence over the necessities of our job descriptions.

We are skilled professionals, yes. And we are here to connect with you in the spontaneous moments that make your life (and ours) more meaningful.

Executive Director: Stacey Gallardo

Stacey sets the tone at Reagan Park with a distinguished mix of education, healthcare experience and compassion. She holds a Practical Nursing Certificate from Ivy Tech and an Administrators License from Success Development. She was also nominated for the Director of the Year during her time leading an assisted living community in Greenwood.

“We truly love what we do here. This is a very warm and inviting place with a wonderful activity program that is derived from what our residents enjoyed prior to moving to assisted living. And hands down some of the best nurses, most compassionate CNAs and friendliest residents I have ever had the pleasure to serve alongside. ” Stacey lives in Center Grove with her husband of 10 years, two children, Ella Jo and Eli, and pups Stella and Charlie.

Community Relations Director: Emily Goforth

Emily holds a BA in Psychology from Franklin College, has experience working with adults and children with special needs and as a Social Worker in a skilled nursing community.

Emily believes that each resident who has moved to Reagan Park over the years has a story and she can recall so many. “I have so many touching moments with my residents and their families, but one that stands out is a gentleman who was looking for Memory Care options for his wife since he was her caregiver at home. After many visits and conversations, he made the decision to move to Reagan Park with his wife. We worked through all of the emotions and decisions that come with that kind of transition and he was very happy he could stay with his wife in a wonderful place. We truly open our hearts to everyone who comes through our doors.” Emily was recently married (her husband is a hospice nurse) and is proud to have two stepchildren, Ava and Carter.

Wellness Director: LaShai Mitchell

LaShai was born and raised in Michigan City, Indiana and is an LPN, with an Associates Degree in Nursing. She’s been a nurse for six years, and with Traditions for three, serving first as our Memory Care Coordinator.

“I am a natural nurturer and love talking with my elders–they have so much wisdom. Some of my most rewarding experiences are the ones between the normal routine of the day, when we dance with residents or sit to chat about their lives. That’s the good stuff, the reason we’re all here.” Lashai and her husband have three children, and she considers herself lucky to be a twin.

Culinary Director: Andrew Ardapple

Andrew was born and raised in Lafayette and began working in assisted living when he was just 16 years old. He began his career as a server in high school and worked in many different departments across a community. But he always gravitated back to the kitchen.

“Traditions allows me to be creative with recipes, to interface with my residents and get to know them so that I can create and serve them meals they love. That feels like something substantial to me, making a difference in someone’s life and having the ability to make them happy.” Andrew and his partner moved to Indianapolis four years ago.